What does the Sunflower Programme involve?

The Sunflower Programme supports children in their health and wellbeing: physically, neurologically and emotionally.

Following an initial enquiry, Sunflower listens to a parent/guardian’s concern to ensure we fully appreciate the challenges that their child faces.  In turn, Sunflower fully explains the process and gives a parent/guardian every opportunity to ask further questions to understand if the Sunflower Programme is suitable for their child.

By mutual agreement that Sunflower has managed a parent/guardian’s expectations and believes it can support the child and the parent believes Sunflower is appropriate:

  • A parent is requested to complete a detailed questionnaire concerning their child including any supplementary information they may want to supply, such as an Educational Psychologist’s report, diet plan, etc.
  • On receipt, Sunflower allocates the most suitable practitioner who can best support their child and an appointment for a pre-programme assessment is booked and Sunflower sends the parent further information to facilitate this (what to expect, how to prepare their child, terminology that will be used, etc).



The pre-programme assessment takes an hour and gives the opportunity for the child, parent and practitioner to see if they can work together and build a relationship.  Parents are given time to reflect on the appropriateness of Sunflower for their child before deciding whether they wish to proceed and, similarly, the Sunflower Practitioner considers whether they feel they can support the child and family.

If both parties agree to proceed, the individual programme commences at times and dates to suit the family.   Sunflower has found that children respond very positively to the attention they receive from parents and practitioners throughout the programme. The focus on their individual needs reinforces how important they are and boosts their self-esteem.

In fact, it can be an opportunity for a parent and child to become even closer than they already are.

It’s so nice to know that there’s something out there that is totally natural that can have such a positive effect on a child – I think every child should have a Sunflower Practitioner to go to!
Sunflower Parent

Do these Sunflower stories resonate with you?

Here are just a handful of stories to give you a flavour of how we have supported children, young people and their families. Supporting children to thrive is what Sunflower is good at.


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