Tyler's Story

For the first time since Tyler started school four years ago, I am not worried about his future, this is huge for me as a mother. Tyler started school with the teachers unable to understand him and no friends as he couldn't interact with other children despite having an older brother and younger sister. After a few weeks, the school identified his problems as the result of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

A friend showed me the article in The Times about the Sunflower Trust and I knew I had to get Tyler on the programme so I booked an appointment with the Sunflower Practitioner in Oxford.

Tyler started the Sunflower Programme - a course of ten different stages - which act like building blocks to create a happier child, from "bone crunching", as Tyler called it, to cranial osteopathy and I watched as Tyler's body would go weak and floppy when holding a pen and paper to strong and confident after the treatment holding the same pen and paper.

Tyler had his own mantra, which he called his 'magic spell' which gave him strength, calmness, confidence and happiness and he said it to himself in times of need.


I can never thank the Sunflower Trust enough for giving me my son back. I took Tyler and my other two children to an Art Gallery Workshop last week. We (children and adults) were invited to look around the gallery and then come back and share our thoughts. The exhibition was of paintings of different sizes of circles going around and around on each other.

Tyler's hand was the first go up – in a loud confident voice he said, "I think it is a young boy on his bike going round and round and the circles are the stories of his life". The whole room was amazed by an eight year old's perception of life.

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