Travis's Story

Travis had already undertaken treatment with a Chiropractor which had helped his concentration enormously. However, in time we found the treatment to become difficult with the commitment of time and expense involved. Consequently, we had to stop.

After finishing with the Chiropractor, Travis's concentration, focus and organisation deteriorated completely – to the extent that the school was unable to get him to read and write and contacted us to see whether we could establish a reason for the change in his behaviour.

We revisited the Chiropractor to discover his body was completely out of alignment and he had become very uncomfortable. He also suffered many migraines and was unable to sleep at night.


Travis has a very high IQ but his concentration/focus was very low. He was constantly fidgeting and at one point gave up writing by hand completely.

The Sunflower Trust kindly awarded us a bursary for the programme which meant that Travis was able to go through the programme for free.

Our Sunflower Practitioner, diagnosed, amongst other imbalances and weaknesses, a major body posture misalignment and he was considered "quite bad!" Travis was also prescribed a number of different natural remedies as he was deficient in many vital vitamins and minerals.

He went through the programme systematically and we were so surprised as to how much Travis had calmed down – so much so that the school noticed. He sleeps better, feels better and is far more focused at school and at home. He plays and enjoys all sports and has acquired a self-knowledge and how to manage himself to give the best chances in life – this includes drinking more to avoid dehydration!

We are eternally grateful to the Sunflower Trust for giving us the financial opportunity to undergo treatment for Travis and allow him to access his high IQ for his benefit and for the benefit of society in the future.

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