Todd's Story

Todd was ‘permanently exhausted’ and had been falling asleep regularly at school. His prep school matron was very tolerant of this and allowed him to sleep in the ‘san’ when he needed to. He was a restless sleeper and often had difficulty going to sleep. Todd had seen a doctor and tests had been run but nothing was showed up.

Todd’s mother was recommended to Sunflower by a friend and at his pre-programme assessment it was evident that there were many areas that the programme could help him with.

Physically, it was clear that Todd was not comfortable in his own body. When standing, he displayed a very distorted posture; his head, neck, shoulders and hips were not aligned. He moved all the time being unable to find a comfortable and stable position let alone unable to maintain his balance when standing on one leg for even a few seconds! Todd was unable to demonstrate a normal gait when walking.

Neurologically, Todd was lacking in his sensory awareness. He was affected by poor visual discrimination, an inability to reconcile central and peripheral vision, weakness in the ability of both of his eyes to coordinate in tracking and circular movements. Combined with the poor ability to locate sounds and a weakness in the communication between his left and right brain hemispheres, it is not difficult to understand how he found it challenging to balance and coordinate his body on a musculoskeletal level.


The stress resulting from Todd’s inability to cope with all the imbalances had caused his adrenal glands to be run down and unable to support him properly. He also had indicators of chemical sensitivities and allergies, was sugar reactive and deficient in zinc.

Todd was a little surprised by his Sunflower practitioner’s approach but soon realised that it was making a difference. His mother reports that he found the experience very positive and that he enjoyed the feeling of achieving results. She says that the improvement was slow but gradual resulting in better sleep and being less ill. There were also fewer problems at school - which is always a good thing!

Most importantly, Todd was much happier in himself as he was sleeping well and coping with life much better. He is more tolerant of others and his concentration on his school work is gradually improving too.

Todd’s mother said, “I would recommend to anyone that the Sunflower Programme is worth trying… particularly if they have health issues and I would definitely say that it is worth going through it with children when they are developing to help all round physical and mental wellbeing for their future.”

A recent update from Todd’s mother - “Todd continues to thrive and is finding it much easier to be involved in every aspect of school life without being more tired than would have been expected. He is also suffering far less from debilitating headaches which used to be a regularity in his daily life and were often what made him need to sleep during the day.”

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