Timmy's Story

We brought Timmy to Sunflower at the end of Year 3 in primary school when he had just turned 8. At this time, his end of year results had either remained the same as year 2 or in some cases regressed. Timmy had received additional help from school since year 1 but it had made very little impact on his results.

His confidence was at an all-time low and he felt he was rubbish at everything. We were recommended to The Sunflower Programme and he went through the different stages where Mark looked at Timmy’s:

  • Left/right brain coordination
  • Memory recall
  • Tracking of the eyes
  • Spelling strategies
  • Concentration

When he completed his SATs tests, he achieved the following step changes from year 3 to year 4.

Maths from 2B to 3A (4 sub levels higher)
Reading from 2B to 4B (6 sub levels higher)
Literacy from 2C to 3C (3 sub levels higher)
Speaking and listening from 2 to 3 with very positive feedback

Normally an increase within sub-levels would be all that would be expected. In addition, there was a marked increase in his spelling through using the strategy you gave him and his vocabulary “age” (showing an understanding typically associated with a 12 year old).

The difference before and after the Sunflower Programme was amazing – Timmy just seemed to learn much more quickly and easily and he soaked up the extra learning he was being given at home and at school. The holistic approach you adopt is significant but in particular the work you did on left/right brain activity seemed to allow Timmy to deal with much more complexity within the learning. At the end of Year 4, Timmy, ourselves, and also the school were amazed and delighted by the results he achieved. In the years since completing the Sunflower Programme, Timmy’s confidence and progress have steadily risen.

By the time he finished junior school, he had achieved the following SATs results:

Science Level 5 (the highest achievable at junior school)
Maths Level 4A (just a few marks off a level 5)
English Level 4B (The national average for the end of year 6 so he caught up really well in this area which was a huge achievement for him)

Since starting secondary school, Tom has been formally assessed as having Dysgraphia, the handwriting form of Dyslexia. I can only thank you for the difference you made to him. I felt we were on such a downward spiral at the time we came to you but as much as we face the thought of GCSEs next year with much trepidation, I now look at my grown up teenager and see a boy that has a great future ahead of him and what’s more – he knows it too!

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