Theo's Story

Increasingly, Theo’s parents became concerned about their son Theo. He was reserved at school, only responding quietly to questions if pushed, was struggling with his reading and falling behind in class. When it came to writing and homework he was uninterested, always looking for excuses as to why now was not a good time. When it came to walking or sport he would avoid it and was often carried around piggyback when, finally, all choices were removed. Tantrums and tears were part of a standard day. It was heart-breaking because he was clearly capable.

A friend mentioned the Sunflower Trust. They got in touch, filled in the paperwork and looked forward to getting to the bottom of the issues for Theo. In Theo’s mother’s words, “I was certainly not prepared for what happened next. The practitioner showed me how misaligned Theo’s body was, structurally; he was lopsided and appeared to have flat feet and one leg longer than the other! Slowly he fixed Theo up and, with each visit, I was reported back improvements.


After one particular visit, Theo and I ran a mile together - I cried most of the way. For the first time in his life he welcomed a run and enjoyed it - rusty legs is what he called it!

With the realignment of Theo's physic and the additional vitamin supplements, Theo's confidence in his own ability has grown. This newly built confidence meant that he was better placed to tackle his work at school which he did head on! He now plans his ‘show and tells’ every week, he puts his hand up in class wanting to share something he has made, been given or had remembered. He is becoming a bookworm loving reading stories and always keen to move onto the next. His writing has improved and he now makes lists, there are lists for everything. His spelling tests have gone from 0 to hero and he has been called out by the school with award after award for hard work, commitment and effort.

Theo can be whatever he wants to be - his life is in his control – an exciting place to be!

We are so grateful and thankful to The Sunflower Trust and their team and look forward to a future with better prospects for Theo.”

The Sunflower Practitioner stated that it was heartening to work with Theo and witness the changes that he made in only the six months that he took to go through the Programme. He should be congratulated for the improved focus and social/behavioural improvements that he made.

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