Many parents testify to Sunflower's support

Sunflower has supported hundreds of children to thrive

The charity was set up because of the results of a pilot research study carried out which was then independently assessed by Educational Psychologist, Elizabeth Thomas.

The published paper evidenced that children completing the Sunflower Programme experienced a significant improvement in their IQ of 12-15 points in only six months, the equivalent of moving them from the bottom to the middle of their class; their health improved by 60% and their behaviour, self-esteem, self-confidence and performance at school by 65%, as judged by their teachers.

A follow-up study of parents of children who had completed the programme revealed that 95% of them witnessed beneficial results, thought it money well spent and would recommend it to others. Over one-third of these children received prizes at school for having improved their performance most in their class. It was also found that because their self-confidence and self-esteem had improved that they got on better in their families and with their peers.


On an internal research sample of 100 children (August 2016) who completed the programme, Sunflower recorded an average uplift of 83% from pre to post programme.  Whilst this has not been externally verified through a clinical trial due to the exorbitant cost of such an exercise, it is an encouraging result nonetheless and goes some way to underpinning the outcome for a child who has been supported by the Sunflower Programme.

We have gathered much information over the years with regard to parents’ perceptions of the changes they have noticed in their child’s health, well-being, social skills, confidence, behaviour and academic attitude and performance. However, formulating these outcomes into sound, measurable figures with a scientific base is another challenge entirely.

However, Sunflower will continue to collect pre and post programme data as well as parents’ testimonials as it tries to substantiate its belief as to the positive outcomes for the hundreds of children who have been supported by the programme.  This is much needed if the Sunflower Programme is to achieve wider recognition for the work it does in supporting children to thrive.

The fact that everything that we do is gentle; non-invasive and caring and has been well tried and tested on hundreds of children over the past 20 years, should be another reassuring feature.


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Here are just a handful of stories to give you a flavour of how we have supported children, young people and their families. Supporting children to thrive is what Sunflower is good at.

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