Assisted funding (bursaries)

Since inception, the Sunflower Trust has had an assisted funding purse (bursaries) to help parents who might otherwise be unable, or find it difficult, to cover the cost of their child going through the Sunflower Programme.

Assessment is based on a number of criteria including financial considerations, the child’s challenges, any assessments and a parent’s ability to support their child with the programme at home. A bursary is only considered if:

  • A child has not been through the Sunflower Programme privately;
  • The family is committed to completing the programme within 12 months;
  • The family is committed to the duration of the Sunflower Programme through to the post programme assessment.

Please be aware that past experience has demonstrated that:

  • families who travel a long distance to a Sunflower Practitioner can sometimes have difficulty completing the programme;
  • single parent families benefit from the additional support of friends or family whilst children go through the programme.

The Sunflower Trust acknowledges that all of the children and families who apply for bursary funding are usually under extreme stress and face difficulties with health, learning and confidence as well as experiencing difficult financial circumstances. It attempts to process any bursary application as quickly as possible.

If you think you may qualify for a bursary, please mention this when contacting Sunflower.

Sunflower has helped him to believe in himself and has given him the confidence to think that anything is possible – and thanks to Sunflower, it is!
Sunflower Parent

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