Stacey's Story

The Sunflower Trust’s radio advert resonated with Stacey’s mother when she heard it. She had been worried about Stacey’s behaviour for quite a while and her step up to junior school was fast approaching. She felt that she needed help to teach Stacey how to control her temper, to make friends and keep them, and to make the most of her time at school, both academically and socially. Stacey’s mother fully admitted that Stacey controlled the home as she had strong views, often insisting that everything was done her way without exception. With Stacey not sleeping well either, everyone was exhausted. School was being very supportive, as was the family’s paediatrician but nothing was really helping Stacey to change her behaviour.

Despite Stacey coming to Sunflower because of her behaviour, at her Sunflower pre-programme assessment it was very clear that she had serious structural imbalances and seemed to be quite unaware of what each part of her body was doing. From her plum-line examination, it was obvious that her posture was completely out of line. It was impossible for her to stand still - her muscles were completely tensed up and she struggled to find any position in which she was comfortable – she was physically out of control! (The word emotion comes from the word motion, meaning we experience our feelings through our body).


It was evident that Stacey did not fit into her own skin nor did she feel good about herself and it is understandable that she found it difficult to relate well with the rest of the world in such circumstances. We understood her behaviour was partly driven from these difficulties.

Stacey was also found to be imbalanced neurologically. Her balance and coordination was poor. She was partially suffering from mixed dominance with her hands, feet, eyes and ears. Her fine reflex controls between the left and right side of her body were not communicating and cooperating with each other in the normal way. She was only able to display one third of the correct connections relating to right/left brain functioning. Her eye tracking, focussing and visual discrimination were impaired which resulted in her being unable to achieve more than 50% in this part of the evaluation.

Stacey related well with her Sunflower practitioner and did her set exercises, albeit sometimes reluctantly. When the programme became too difficult for Stacey, the charity arranged for her mother to also have some Sunflower sessions so that she was strong and confident enough to help Stacey through the elements she struggled with. Stacey then turned a corner. Together they worked through a whole series of challenges relating to skills that she needed and was far better able to concentrate, communicate, think clearly and get on well at school and with her family at home.

Stacey is now much calmer and has the skills to control her temper and handle difficult situations in a much better and more positive way. Her home life has improved and her sister and mother have both benefitted from Stacey’s increased self-control.

Stacey’s mother is delighted she chose to get in touch with the Sunflower Trust and would happily recommend the Sunflower Programme to other parents.

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