Sophie's Story

Sophie’s parents were concerned that she was a bright, lively, sociable child but she was struggling with all aspects of learning, spelling, reading and writing. When she was seven years old Sophie was diagnosed with Autism and was issued with a Statement of Special Educational Needs. She also had global development delay and some communication difficulties.

Sophie did not speak until she was four years old and had seen a speech therapist. She had poor concentration and memory, was untidy, anxious and she sometimes struggled to join in with other children’s games. She could not catch a ball, did not like heights and had poor balance.

Sophie’s mother heard about The Sunflower Programme and got in touch with us. Sophie’s tailor made Sunflower Programme consisted of 10 appointments over a period of 14 months. Sophie found some of her ‘Sunflower homework’ challenging but she was very cooperative about taking the nutritional supplements recommended, calling them fish pills, and she always ate plenty of fruit and vegetables anyway. She did, however, find it hard to stop having sugar which was bloating her tummy.


Sophie’s mother also said that, “One of the big problems we were having was that when Sophie was going to bed on her own, she used to get terribly anxious and become physically unwell with diarrhea and sickness. This started to improve after about six sessions with Clive”.

Now that Sophie has completed The Sunflower Programme, her teachers feel that she is able to focus better and concentrate for longer periods. They have also noted a big improvement in her reading and writing skills.

Sophie’s mother reports that, “Her behaviour has improved too. She can still be a bit emotional and erratic in her mood but we think it is definitely improved. She has fewer tantrums and is much less anxious.

A year ago she would be beside herself if I was going out for the evening; she would be really stressed about who was going to look after her and when I’d be back, even when Daddy was staying in with her!”

Sophie will be back for appointments to help her keep on track every six months or so as part of her maintenance programme.

Her parents are delighted that they were recommended The Sunflower Programme and happily recommend it to other parents.

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