Shona's Story

Shona's eczema first appeared in a mild form at the age of one. By two years old it had become pronounced and was visible on the inside of the elbows and legs as well as on her face. Lots of different creams were tried before eventually moving to hydrocortisone. This had been encouraged by Shona's GP as well as a friend who was a midwife.

I had felt under pressure from this advice not to be doing something assertive and positive for my child. I immediately regretted using hydrocortisone: I could see how it made Shona's skin whiten and thin and it felt entirely wrong and invasive.

In April 2001, Shona contracted a terrible eye infection and was admitted into the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital for a week where she was given antibiotics intravenously. The eczema flared up again. A lot happened in 2001 for Shona and with a move of house in July and the birth of her brother in October, the eczema would periodically flare up, possibly due to the stress of events.


In February 2002, we went on holiday to Dubai and Shona was suffering again from an impetigo type infection on her eye. Eczema was now all over her face and on the backs of her arms and elbows. The sun and sea didn't clear it up this time as it had done on a previous summer holiday in Greece. On our return, we were recommended The Sunflower Programme by a friend. I had never heard of it before and didn't really understand how it worked but I knew that I wanted a more natural and holistic treatment for my child. In any case, orthodox treatment had failed.

Within a few weeks of taking supplements, we noticed an improvement in Shona but the most marked results were diet related. By eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy products, we achieved dramatic results within a two-day period. I believe that the supplements were crucial to the healing process. However it happened, Shona’s eczema has completely cleared up and we owe a great measure and thanks to the care and insight of The Sunflower Programme.

Update: Having not seen Shona for eight years, she returned to Sunflower last year suffering from stress and anxiety with her eczema having returned and she not sleeping. Mark immediately understood that her immune system was overloaded and her structural integrity was out of balance. Mark was able to align her structure ensuing that her muscles turned off and on as they should.

After seeing her a month later, her sleeping had returned but her biochemistry had to be reviewed and Mark found her pituitary/pineal balance was out of kilter and she needed additional minerals and vitamins to balance her hormonal system. In addition she was reacting to environmental toxins with two of her inflammatory pathways not functioning correctly. She was prescribed nutritional supplements. Mark now needed to address the reasons why Shona was stressed in the first place and found that her meridian system was blocked. Mark helped Shona to activate her meridian points and Shona, once again, left Sunflower a happy girl!

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