Saskia's Story

Saskia was aware she was different, she found her school work very difficult compared to her peers. She was volatile, frustrated and academically behind her classmates in every subject area. She found it very difficult to control her temper and had frequent “meltdowns”, she also struggled to keep friendships on an even keel, she seemed unsure and insecure and often fell out with her pals. Her parents felt she was having so many problems at school and at home that they needed some extra help.

Saskia had been diagnosed with Dyslexia and her parents also reported that she had slow development, and was quite clumsy. She also had poor spatial awareness. Her initial structural assessment showed all sorts of problems which were worked on during her Sunflower Programme and led to an improvement of 140%. This means that Saskia is now standing up straight, breathing properly and is more balanced and in control of her body movements.

The Sunflower Trust was able to arrange for Bursary funding for Saskia. She worked hard and was fully supported by her family and “an exceptional teacher” at school. Her mum told us that her teacher, ”saw a marked improvement in her attempts to work independently.”


Saskia’s Mum also reported that she had:

  • An increased attention span
  • A more positive attitude towards homework
  • And she was able to manage disappointment more easily with shorter recovery times

Saskia’s parents found the Sunflower Programme an interesting experience. They enjoyed working with Mark and hearing about his beliefs and his experiences of working with people and combining musculoskeletal, neurological and biological elements in his approach.

Mark was able to teach Saskia how to control her anger and other techniques to help her confidence and courage when tackling challenges.

Saskia’s parents told us they would recommend The Sunflower Programme to other parents and were grateful of the bursary support they received from the Sunflower Trust.

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