Sammy's Story

Sammy was adopted and had Global Development Delay including speech and language difficulties which meant she did not always understand instructions, poor short term memory which affected her reading and poor social skills which affected her integration at school. She also had behavioural problems and she liked to be in control of the whole family.

Sammy had trouble sleeping, exhibited hyperactivity and could be very reluctant to go to school. She had explosive outbursts and poor self confidence. Her hearing problems made everything else so much worse too. Her family’s support worker heard about The Sunflower Trust and felt it might be helpful.

Sammy went along to meet Richard, the Sunflower practitioner. She liked and trusted him straightaway and she felt confident he could help her with her challenges. She was always cooperative, did her homework and took her nutrition. She enjoyed the one to one attention at the appointments. Richard worked with Sammy using clear directions and instructions and he encouraged Sammy to experience success and the good feelings that come with achievement.


Sammy saw Richard for just over a year. Her school were very pleased with her improved attitude to learning. She could concentrate better in class and she made up most of the two years she was academically behind. Her SATS results proved how far she had come and how hard she had worked. Her mum told us that her progress after the Sunflower Programme was “very significant educationally and also there was improvement in her behaviour”.

Sammy’s Dyslexia tutor noted a very significant change in Sammy’s ability to sit still and focus, her improved writing and overall academic progress. Her mum felt she was in a better state for learning.

Sammy’s mum warmly thanks The Sunflower Trust and will be bringing Sammy back for maintenance sessions as she finds the whole experience caring and enjoyable.

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