Rory's Story

Rory’s parents knew he was, “Not achieving his full potential. He is a bright and intelligent boy but he struggles to concentrate, focus and get on with what he is supposed to be doing both at home and at school.” They were also worried about his inability to relax and get off to sleep. He also found it difficult to keep calm and sit still as well as being easily distracted and had trouble following instructions. Homework was a problem, he was grumpy with his brother and losing confidence in his own ability. All round, not a very happy boy!

The results of Rory’s pre-programme Sunflower assessment clearly evidenced that there was a lot to be done to help him. Musculoskeletally he found it difficult to stand still, his spine was not aligned making his posture out of balance and his shoulders unequal. Neurologically, there were weaknesses between the left and right brain hemispheres, in his optical fine controls and he had some retained primitive reflexes. Biochemically, Rory also needed some vitamin and mineral supplements including zinc.


Rory got on well with the Sunflower practitioner being very co-operative and good at following instructions. He worked hard on his home exercises and his results say it all!

Structurally he made noticeable improvements. His pelvis is now level and his legs are even resulting in increased mobility in his hips.

Rory’s Sunflower practitioner told us “It has been a pleasure to work with Rory over the last eight months and taking him through the Sunflower Programme”.

Quite independently his teachers had noticed a big change in Rory – as his school report reflects:

“His communication skills in group work … have improved. He now approaches group work tasks, such as poetry performances and topic presentations, with great maturity and a more sensible attitude ... excellent out of the box thinking … great sportsmanship”.

His Head Teacher commented, “Rory has really matured this year and we are seeing him make good progress with basic skills because his concentration is so much better. He has so many good ideas and interesting questions to share and that makes him interesting to teach. Well done Rory, I am really pleased with your progress”.

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