Robert's Story

Robert’s mother had been recommended The Sunflower Programme by a friend and says she was hopeful that it could help Robert as he had already seen an Educational Psychologist, a Pediatrician, an Occupational Therapist, a Physiotherapist and a Developmental Optometrist but was still struggling at school and home. He had been diagnosed with ADD, Asperger’s, Dyspraxia and he had sensory processing difficulties. In addition, Robert suffered from anger with huge temper outbursts, low self esteem, stress and visual inattention.

Robert overcame his natural shyness to attend his appointments and got on well with his Sunflower Practitioner, Clive. He particularly liked looking at all the interesting things in Clive’s treatment room.

Robert’s mother noticed a gradual change in Robert, “He became less anxious and more confident. His focus and concentration improved especially after the dietary changes and this helped his general wellbeing. His school noticed a marked improvement in his concentration which had been of considerable concern. Not only was he now able to contribute in the classroom, he was suddenly able to engage more socially too.” His mother reported that when she went to the next school meeting, the teacher’s opening comment was “Wow, what an improvement!” He soon afterwards achieved his best school report ever.


Many family and friends observed (without knowing that Robert was working through The Sunflower Programme), how much more ‘together’ he had become in the last year. He is able to behave appropriately, hold an intelligent conversation, focus and generally behave like a ‘normal’ 9 year old. He is so much more relaxed and confident.

Robert’s mother would gladly recommend The Sunflower Programme to other parents as, “Robert has come on so much in the last year, it is amazing. Thank you so much.”

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