Rio's Story

A friend told Rio’s mother about the Sunflower Programme and she got in touch to see how it could help her little boy. Rio had a diagnosis of ADHD and it was affecting all areas of his ability and confidence. His parents’ main concerns and reasons why they came to Sunflower were, “His ability to transition between tasks, sibling rivalry (more confidence, more calm) - development of a growth mind-set so that he can deal better with consequences and disappointment – b
er organisation - more stamina, better energy and sustained health”. At school, they felt he needed help to, “Improve his social skills and reduce social anxiety, to focus better on tasks even when he is not interested.” They wanted help to reduce his stress and to help improve his physical coordination for sport and games.

Rio’s parents had consulted many experts including an Occupational Therapist, a Psychologist and a Brushing Clinic. His eyesight had been fully tested too. They had started to adjust his diet by eliminating diary, wheat and egg. He took occasional Chinese herbs for his health and the family had tried Bach Flowers and Homeopathy.


Over the course of Rio’s Sunflower Programme, his practitioner worked on getting Rio into the best possible overall health so that he could make the most of the opportunities he was being offered at school and at home. A lot of work was carried out on his muscular imbalances associated with his distorted posture - he was unable to stand straight or still, balance, walk or even lie straight in the normal position.

All of Rio’s fine reflex control systems were found to be out of communication and had to be corrected individually with his eyes open and closed. His right/left reflexes relating to eyes, ears, balance and coordination were found not to be properly communicating, these were also corrected. Rio was given a series of exercises to do for a few minutes every day under his parents’ instruction to help him to habituate the correction.

Additional work was done to help to remove a whole range of negative associations with all the skills abilities and qualities needed to learn successfully and cope with the day-to-day things in life that he found challenging. Rio found this aspect of the programme difficult but persevered and mastered most of it to the extent that his mother noticed a big improvement in his self-confidence and performance at school.

Rio was found to be sensitive to cow’s milk, goat’s milk, cheese and sugar. In addition, to nutritional supplements, he was prescribed a special diet and some homeopathic remedies to help desensitise him.

The improvement in Rio’s scores pre-and-post programme is phenomenal. With the support of his parents, Rio has been exceedingly responsive to the Sunflower Programme coming out of his shell and being very much mere comfortable within himself.

His mother is delighted and reported, “The changes are remarkable across the board. His physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are elevated. His overall health is much better and his sleeping has improved too. His behaviour is better and there is great improvement in social relations, focus, self-discipline, ability to carry out plans and having a more positive attitude.”

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