Peter's Story

Peter was assessed as dyslexic at nine years. He could read very little and his spelling, unusually, was slightly better than his reading but inadequate for his needs. He also showed a reluctance to write. His teachers reported that he was mature for his age and bright but that he was unable to cope with class work. He was chatty in a one-to-one situation with his teacher but he had no friends. Peter enjoyed being at home but after school each day he was very tired and mostly he sat and waited for bedtime.

I'd always tried to help Peter with school work and after he was assessed, I trained to be a specialist teacher in order to help him and by his 10th birthday he'd made much progress.

However, he continued to suffer from extreme tiredness and my husband and I began to feel that we only saw Peter relaxed and happy during school holidays. When he started comprehensive school, we were, at one time, covering most of his curriculum at home in order for him to keep pace with his peers. His tiredness meant that we had many short lessons together and if he couldn't manage it, he stopped. Despite his exhaustion, Peter was well motivated. His real desire to learn encouraged me many times when I doubted my ability to help him.


Peter was at a very low ebb. His tiredness seemed to be getting the better of him and he had a rash all over his body. My husband and I were considering removing him from school and teaching him ourselves. We were warned that he'd miss out socially but Peter had no friends and never went out after school. Occasionally, someone would call but he always said he was too tired to go anywhere.

It was at this point that I first heard about The Sunflower Programme. Peter began seeing a Sunflower practitioner once a week during April and was given several different types of vitamins and minerals, many of which needed to be chewed. Peter began taking them: some were large and tasted unpleasant but after only a few days, Peter said he felt better. Indeed, he felt so much better that we never had to remind him to take his pills because he was so sure they were helping him.

In three weeks, his energy level had increased enormously. He began cycling into town after school. It was and still is like living with a different person. We noticed all kinds of changes. Children began calling round for him and he went out to play. Friends rang up to talk to him (many of them for advice on homework!) and his confidence grew. He enjoys school now and continues to be well motivated. He's improved at sport and is all round a happier and healthier person.

Update: Peter has made good progress at school and is awaiting results of 11 GCSE examinations. Peter hopes to study Mathematics with Mechanics, Computing and Design and Technology at 'A; level and has been offered a place at sixth form college. Peter is a good tennis player, a keen mountain biker and he enjoys using his computer to design games. Peter remains dyslexic but is able to cope with his difficulties and asks for help when necessary. We are very proud of Peter's achievements and know that The Sunflower Programme has played an important part in his development.

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