Owen's Story

I would like to sincerely thank Mark for all his amazing help, advice and patience. The Sunflower Programme has worked its magic on Owen and he is a happier, more relaxed boy as a result.

We have been seeing a Developmental Optometrist and an Educational Psychologist who both thought that the Sunflower Programme could help our son. Owen has been diagnosed with dyslexia and was really struggling with his confidence and self-esteem. He found criticism really difficult to handle and would often burst into tears. He tries to be friendly with everyone but found it disproportionately upsetting when other children were unkind. He really struggled with English and Maths at school and as he got older he realised he was not keeping up with his peers.

Owen LOVED his initial screening assessment at Sunflower and actually all his sessions with Mark. Mark made Owen feel very comfortable and explained everything to him very clearly. He sometimes didn’t take it all in at once and would often discuss things later, as if to clarify them. He liked it that Mark was dyslexic himself and seemed to understand him.


Very gradually Owen seemed better able to cope. He became more confident which helped him tell people when he didn’t understand. He now talks to me about all his concerns and feelings and seems more relaxed as a result. He can also draw a line under events that have troubled him now. He sleeps much better – stretched out with his arms above his head instead of a tightly curled ball - he usually sleeps through the night too! Great! We haven’t heard him grind his teeth for months either. He is eating well and starting to overcome his fear of the dark and going upstairs alone. His hay fever has also improved.

Changes to Owen have been subtle and occurred over months. We have noticed that he is happier within himself, better able to deal with problems, being is less weepy and is able to handle friendship issues in an adult and positive way, instead of panicking. We absolutely feel that he is better able to deal with whatever challenges lie ahead as he is more relaxed and self-assured as well as calmer, more tolerant and more confident is his own ability to deal with life’s ups and downs.

The relaxation techniques we have learnt are very helpful, particularly after a stressful day. Owen and his brother work through the process together and are usually asleep before they get to their toes – this always results in a great night’s sleep for all the family.

We are extremely happy that Owen completed the Sunflower Programme and would definitely recommend it to other parents.

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