Oscar's Story

Thank you very much for helping our son Oscar. There is absolutely no doubt he has really benefitted from our trips down to Guildford to see you. In fact, it is difficult to find the words that really/truly express how much you have helped Oscar but I am delighted to give it a go!!

About 18/24 months ago we made the decision to book an appointment at The Sunflower Trust. At the time, we were deeply worried that our bright, enthusiastic and curious little boy was withdrawing into himself and away from school. His confidence was at an all time low and seemed to be diminishing by the minute and he was constantly exhausted.

We had already established that Oscar was not reaching his full potential with reading and writing as he had been diagnosed as being dyslexic earlier that year and we had started to develop strategies to help him better in the classroom and at home with homework. Whilst the things we were doing were helping, we felt they did little to address the self-esteem issues and the exhaustion.


After thoroughly assessing Oscar, Mark began treatment by first addressing his structural imbalances in his musculoskeletal system. Then, using Applied Kinesiology techniques, he established which organs in the body needed either clearing from toxins or additional support and he set about addressing these imbalances using a combination of nutritional advice, homeopathy and herbal support. At each visit, progress in these areas was tested and treatment changed if necessary to make it very individual to Oscar. Mark then started working with Oscar in building his self-esteem. This was both interwoven throughout the programme and sometimes addressed directly during a session with him.

This is, in my opinion, when the real magic of having the privilege of visiting The Sunflower Trust began. It is clear to see that Mark is brilliant at relating to children and bringing out the very best in them. He has a wealth of different techniques up his sleeves that can help with a whole host of different life/educational difficulties and everything he suggests is supported with information sheets so that parents pick up from where he left off. Often as I sat there with Mark and Oscar, I felt I was witnessing what can only be called a miracle. I am sure, that outside the family circle, Oscar has not experienced this level of support in any other walk of life.

Very quickly, we noticed a big improvement in Oscar’s energy levels and he soon started to shine in sports. For the first time, he was picked for a team in school and his PE teacher commented on how she had noted a big shift in his involvement in a whole host of activities. His attitude to school work shifted too. He adapted an “I’ll give it a go” attitude whereas before he would have resisted anything new. Although it continues to be an area of challenge, Oscar has made great progress since starting our journey with Mark. His reading is back on track and his writing and spelling has improved. Once again – we pass on our thanks to Mark and his team. We are so very lucky to have had the opportunity and privilege to share a little bit of his magic!

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