Olivia's Story

Olivia’s mother discovered the Sunflower Programme when she was researching ways to help who was struggling to reach her potential in reading, writing and spelling at school despite having a high IQ. She appeared unbalanced in herself and often suffered from aches and pains with her mother commenting that she had poor posture and flexibility too. Overall, Olivia was feeling frustrated which was affecting her self-esteem and wellbeing. In addition, she felt that “pieces of her did not fit together too well”. Olivia had also experienced bullying and was aware that she couldn’t sort this out herself.

Olivia attended her initial assessment and immediately ‘clicked’ with her Sunflower Practitioner. There was a lot of work ahead to help Olivia become better balanced and integrated. Starting with her musculoskeletal, the Sunflower Practitioner worked through Olivia’s structure and personalised Sunflower Programme in a methodical and systematic way. Adjustments were made to Olivia’s diet with vitamin and mineral supplements added, physical exercises prescribed to strengthen her body and confidence building exercises to reinforce her self-esteems and boost confidence.


Olivia’s Sunflower results show just how willing she was to try to improve and how hard she worked. Incredibly, her limp disappeared very quickly! She responded positively to the support and guidance of how to feel better about herself and her abilities. She loved the games and tests and did her home activities carefully.

Olivia has much more belief in herself now. She is more confident and she is participating in class much more too. Olivia’s mother told us that she had gone up four levels in her reading. She is still a bit behind at school but she feels much more positive about school work now.

Olivia’s mother reported back to us that Olivia had changed in a positive way overall and she would recommend other parents to consider the benefits of the Sunflower Programme for their child too.

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