Milo's Story

Milo is under CAMHS because he has a tic disorder and ADHD. He was really struggling at school with concentration, being disruptive and constantly calling out in class. Although having a prescription of 40mg of the ADHD drug, Atomoxetine, to improve his attention span and hyperactive behaviour, he had recently become aggressive, smashing his bedroom and being destructive to the point that his mother said her current situation was ‘literally unbearable’. As his mother was reluctant to increase the dosage of drugs, Milo’s CAMHS Specialist suggested the Sunflower Programme to help with his defiant behavior.

During Milos’s initial assessment, it was evident that he was structurally out of alignment having one leg longer than the other. Neurologically there was no integration of the right and left side of his body and his left and right brain hemispheres were not communicating and co-operating in a normal way.


This affected his eyes which were seriously out of balance and unable to track while his nervous system was over active. Biochemically, he also had vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Using osteopathic techniques, Milo’s structure was aligned and cross-crawl muscular exercises were recommended to correct his right:left brain integration. In addition, eye movement exercises were carried out daily to improve his visual accuracy and his nutritional imbalance was corrected with vitamin supplements. Milo was taught key skills of how to respond to challenging situations in a positive way and how, with practice, these could become habituated.

Milo’s mother reported, “The changes were gradual but his concentration was the first to improve, followed by his appetite, his mood and then his confidence. Only towards the end of the programme when he was embedding the life management skills did I notice a huge improvement in his attitude. His tic disorder has more or less disappeared and his teachers have said how calm he is now and able to concentrate more. He still has the occasional outburst but the praise and positive comments from people around him are amazing.

Everyday life has changed; we have fun and enjoy each other now when I never thought this was ever going to be possible. This has not just affected Milo but the whole family. I would not like to imagine where we would be without the Sunflower Programme –it was truly a life saver”.

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