Mary's Story

Mary had been a quiet and subdued toddler, she didn’t talk much or show much curiosity about things. She was often ill with chest and ear infections. Once she started at playgroup her I noticed that she became “colder and more distant”

Mary had been seen by an Educational Consultant who reported she had serious sensory integration challenges. She displays signs of ADHD and was finding it difficult to relate to other people in groups which combined with her emotional mood swings were causing problems and she was getting into trouble for hitting other children at school. She also shows dyslexic tendencies, so was experiencing difficulty with reading, writing and maths too.

Mary was miserable and alienated and didn’t want to go to school. She always seemed to have stomach aches or headaches and we knew she was anxious. All in all, we felt that she found school so difficult to cope with that we decided to educate her at home which is no mean feat to organise. In addition, her ADHD Counsellor recommended that we talk to The Sunflower Trust.


Mary was very committed to the programme and she completed her tasks carefully. I think she thoroughly enjoyed the one to one time with someone who made her feel special and gave her attention in a very positive way.

I witnessed many positive changes in Mary. She became more talkative, more confident and more sociable. Her school work improved and she is now back in mainstream school - at her suggestion!

We are so pleased that she has made rapid progress from a low starting level and feel privileged that she now wants to chat about her day which she would previously rather not do and just withdrew into her own world.

Mary is much calmer at home now, her behaviour is better and she is much kinder to her brother. Her shouting and aggression have stopped and family life is far more tranquil.

Mark feels that Mary will benefit from coming back occasionally as she grows up and faces the next milestones in her childhood.

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