Kyle's Story

Kyle had coordination difficulties which impacted on some of his functional skills, particularly handwriting speed and endurance. He also had no concept of time, had difficulty concentrating even when involved in a particular game, couldn’t remember names or follow instructions and got lost easily if not being watched all the time.

He had difficulty running, climbing and getting out of the swimming pool in addition to being dextrous with a knife and fork.

Kyle had been assessed by the NHS Paediatric Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Service and his parents threw themselves into adopting their recommendations. However, a friend recommended the Sunflower Programme to the parents and they embraced an additional approach to helping Kyle be the best that he could be.


The Sunflower Programme always starts with the musculoskeletal structure and Kyle was found to be truly out of balance with bilateral weakness of his prime moving muscles. Following a few initial sessions, his muscles were turning on and off as they should and his fine gait reflexes were tuned with eyes open and closed. Kyle also showed sensitivities to sugar, foods containing caffeine and some food additives. He was given a list of foods to avoid for a period of a month.

Over the next few months of working with Kyle both physically, neurologically and biochemically, his negative feelings about himself were gradually being eroded by positivity and he became more confident with a happier outlook.

Improving Kyle’s bilaterality meant that his overall coordination improved and his swimming got better as did his writing. Recording a 238% improvement on his physical functioning which helped his left/right brain integration and thus a 192% improvement neurologically showed that Kyle certainly wasn’t functioning as he should have been.

It is obvious that Kyle has become a much brighter, upright, more balanced, integrated and confident young lad who is now able to take things in his stride and make the most of his opportunities.

Kyle’s parents stated that they were really pleased that they found the Sunflower Programme as it helped them understand how they could better support their son.

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