Joey's Story

Joey was having difficulty with his literacy, spelling and reading and this, together with his inability to pay attention, was holding him back at school. He also had problems with his confidence and self-esteem which was affecting his ability to make friends and engage socially. After months of slow progression, the school suggested seeing an Educational Psychologist as well as a hospital Paediatrician.

Joey was prescribed Medikinet (similar to Ritalin) - the first week he seemed transformed - much more attentive and alert but after the first week he started to become aloof and grumpy, his mood becoming quite dark and his outward behaviour being fairly aggressive. They immediately stopped the treatment as Joey had always been an “empathetic and loving child with a wonderful and interesting personality and although his social skills are not as developed as other children of his age he makes friends and is a well-liked child both with staff at school as well as his peers”.


The Sunflower Trust was mentioned during a meeting with his headmistress and class teacher as they felt that Joey may benefit from a different approach. With the mother being a trained scientist and already worried about the medication, she was keen to get a completely unbiased view from a fresh perspective.

Joey came along for his initial assessment and it was very clear from the start that he was seriously out of balance in relation to his posture, movement and musculoskeletal function. He was exhibiting numerous difficulties in relation to his sensory coordination and integration of the right/left hemispheres of his brain, as well as some difficulty with accurate visual discrimination, eye tracking and focusing.

Joey’s mother reported some subtle improvements early in the Sunflower Programme and later his teachers also noticed improvements. By the end of the first term, Joey had won The Improvers Cup. He had gone up four reading levels and improved greatly with maths and sport. In general, the school reported the change in Joey as “marvellous”. He no longer gets frustrated and angry at home, outbursts are down to a minimum and he will listen before reacting.

“Joey had always been a picky eater and was often not tired at bedtime. He now sleeps through the night, eats all his lunch and dinner within a sensible time – a dramatic change from bed hopping and hour long dinners.”

The icing on the cake - following a progress review by the hospital Paediatrician - is that Joey is no longer prescribed any medication – even though he hadn’t been taking it - something his mother is obviously delighted about.

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