Jeremy's Story

Jeremy came to the Sunflower Programme at the age of 10 having been expelled from his previous school for fighting, anger issues and running away. An educational psychologist classified Jeremy as having moderate to severe dyslexia which affected his day-to-day life at school with spelling, written language, maths and a reading age of 8½ at 10 years old. Frequent mood swings and being unable to control his aggression and frustration meant that Jeremy also received regular detentions and being told off at school. Jeremy started on the Sunflower Programme to see if it could help with his anger issues.

At the initial assessment, it was very clear that Jeremy was seriously out of balance physically. He was extremely fidgety, unable to stand still or to walk in a straight line just by putting one foot in front of the other. Further testing revealed that nearly all his neck and shoulder muscles were in a state of tension and unable to relax with his lumbar spine and pelvis also appearing to be seriously out of alignment. His musculoskeletal score was only 6 out of 30 despite finding Sunflower for his emotional challenges! Following the Sunflower Programme, Jeremy had an incredible uplift on his musculoskeletal score of 283%.


To help build his structural strength, Jeremy was encouraged to take part in a sporting activity almost every day. He joined a triathlon club, football club, sailing, climbing and athletics and received one to one swimming lessons to reach this goal.

The pre-programme assessment also highlighted the fact that Jeremy’s right and left brain integration could be far better and this was corrected through a series of exercises which gave him much greater co-ordination.

To help Jeremy with his anger, he was taught lots of relaxation and breathing techniques. Jeremy’s grandmother said to us, “Why would you think to teach a 10 year-old how to breathe properly?” The practitioner taught him how to relax and gave him coping strategies for the challenges that are thrown at him daily. He is now so much calmer and able to reason with.

The biggest improvement for Jeremy has been in his level of concentration, reading and academic ability. With the help of the Sunflower Programme combined with home schooling, Jeremy’s reading ability has increased by an incredible 4 years from 8½ to 12½. The previous year Jeremy was unable to sit a normal school entrance exam without additional help from a teacher. This year he has taken the school entrance exam without requiring any additional assistance and has just started in an independent secondary school.

Whilst Jeremy will continue to receive top-up sessions at Sunflower, his new journey at secondary school is just beginning with a solid foundation from which he can now grow from strength to strength. We are all so pleased with his progress and delighted he feels able to start back at school again.

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