Jane's Story

Jane’s mother was concerned about her daughter’s lack of coordination and balance. She could not undress herself, she found writing difficult and she lacked the confidence to try physical activities.

Jane had seen an Occupational Therapist and had received help for her speech and language difficulties. Her mother found The Sunflower Trust via the internet, she got in touch and realised that the holistic approach that The Sunflower Programme offered was just what she was looking for. She told us, “At last someone understood that all of Jane’s needs were important and they could be addressed together.”

Jane started her Sunflower Programme with lots of enthusiasm and looked forward to her visits to Clive. Jane’s mother reported that Clive had a sparkle in his eye and showed a friendly concern for anything Jane had to tell him during their ‘grown up’ chats. Jane worked hard at her exercises and other Sunflower homework and Clive explained about the benefits of the nutritional supplements which Jane took without a problem.


Jane’s mother said that every time they visited they left knowing that Jane’s body was a little more flexible and her joints in better working order. After one of her visits, she felt confident enough to try to ride her bike without stabilisers and she succeeded! Now she can keep up with her cousin’s games.

Clive was able to help with Jane’s allergy to horses so that she was able to continue benefiting from her riding lessons. Jane can now dress herself competently and, in particular, she has mastered pulling clothes on and off over her head. Jane’s balance has improved and she has more interest in sport generally; she has even attempted the monkey bars in gym at school.

Before, Jane had refused to write at all and she even challenged the teaching assistant who tried to help her. Now she demonstrates improved concentration and is making good progress at school.

Jane’s mother states, “I am convinced that The Sunflower Programme has played a really important part in Jane’s progress. She has much greater confidence in her physical ability, better communication skills and can even think for herself and ask questions. She has become more independent”.

Jane still has challenges to overcome in the future and is still working on her reading and number skills and she continues to see Clive from time to time.

The family feel that they were privileged that Jane had this opportunity and they recommend other families consider The Sunflower Programme too.

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