James's Story

James was seven when his mother first contacted the Sunflower Trust at the suggestion of an Educational Psychologist as James was struggling at school despite getting regular help from an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and a classroom assistant who they paid for privately. James has ADHD, Asperger’s and Dyslexia challenges and was approximately two years behind academically and found reading, writing and mathematics particularly difficult. His mother was keen to help James any way she could, saying, “He is struggling at school to keep up with his peers and also to maintain friendships. At home he can be volatile and difficult to manage.” At home, James was rather anxious and needed emotional support. He did not want to go to bed despite being tired and could often be jealous, defiant and was starting to show signs of poor self-confidence.

James’ confidence and self-esteem took a knocking as he was 18 months behind his age group, struggling, getting more behind and being aware of it. Having a classroom assistant, although helpful in some ways, obviously marked him out as being different even more.


By the third session, his mother reported that she had seen an improvement in sport and that James was receiving stars from school for his progress. Seven months into the Programme, James received a special prize from school for his academic progress as well as receiving a good academic report. His mother said, “James is a much happier and calmer little boy. He is generally more positive and optimistic.

At school his ability to participate in sport, group activities and form friendships has improved greatly. He still becomes agitated… but much less often”. More impressively though, she said, “James’ reading age is now within average for his age and he has started to enjoy reading chapters of books by himself which is a wonderful achievement. His concentration can still be variable but it is generally better.”

The Sunflower Practitioner commented, “The improvement in the musculoskeletal aspect underlines that we experience our emotions via our muscles. The little lad was completely tensed up when he first came. Just unravelling all of that must have taken of a tremendous burden from his body and nervous system. The improvement in the nutritional aspect is also very interesting. Given all the tensions and neurological confusion in his body, life must have been extremely stressful for him. All the stress had been causing his adrenals to be overloaded. He was eating himself up from the inside”.

To have caught up with his age group over a period of only a year is an amazing achievement. He was 18 months behind his age group and in 9 months has caught up. In other words, in the same time interval he has achieved a great deal more than his peers.

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