Ivana's Story

Ivana’s mother attended a presentation at a local school about Sunflower and the work that the charity does. She was fascinated and felt hopeful that the programme could help her daughter who was displaying a range of problems having just moved on to senior school.

The main concerns for Ivana were her emotional state and wellbeing. She was experiencing friendship difficulties, getting angry and struggling to be organised and concentrate on her studies. Her parents were also concerned about her not going to bed at a sensible time and then not being able to get up and get to school on time.

At the pre-programme assessment, it was evident that there were many areas that Sunflower could help with. Ivana’s posture was noticeably out of alignment and there were other restrictions on normal movement which could be rectified. Neurologically, there were problems with Ivana’s central and peripheral visual fields and focussing. It was clear that she needed some help to improve her memory, specifically around number recall. Biochemically, her body was too acid. Ivana was vegetarian and despite her mother being careful to ensure she had the right vitamin and mineral supplements, Sunflower still found that she was below ‘normal level’ in some areas.


Ivana worked hard on her exercises and soon progressed through the musculoskeletal elements of the Sunflower Programme. She was then able to learn some self-control techniques and how to approach challenges in a more positive way. There were various dietary adjustments suggested to which Ivana complied and some specific supplements recommended to help get her better balanced. The programme was quite a rollercoaster for Ivana and she had a few ‘wobbles’ but her self-belief and self-control improved immensely.

At the end of the Sunflower Programme Ivana’s mother told us about all the positive thing that have happened - Ivana had a brilliant school report with several subjects above target and she even won an award for effort and achievement in French. Ivana is more patient and tries not to lose her temper and she seems happier in herself. She is trying to be more cooperative at home and she is trying hard at school to listen and concentrate in class. Ivana is still not going to bed on time but she does now get up in time for school and has more energy.

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