Hugo's Story

My son Hugo was a beneficiary of The Sunflower Trust when he was aged 11, he is now aged 20.

Unfortunately, Hugo’s mother and I separated and subsequently divorced when he was 7 years old so his mother became the principal parent, although I continued to see him and his brother John every week and they stayed with me on alternate weekends.

Hugo was struggling with his school work at his secondary school and suffered from a lack of concentration in class. He was initially assessed by an Educational Psychologist and from this intervention he was referred to The Sunflower Trust.

Our main recollection of his experience was that it helped him with his coordination and improved his overall mental dexterity. The left and right brain exercises and the use of magnets on his body were particularly significant in helping him improve his posture and restore a level of confidence and coordination that he was able to take back into his education and daily life.


Another important aspect of his experience was being able to understand that he wasn’t incompetent but that it was his mild Dyspraxia that was causing the problems he was experiencing. Understanding this and knowing that it was not Hugo’s fault increased his motivation and in his words, gave him a mental boost.

As a family, albeit a split one, we believe that The Sunflower Trust was hugely important in introducing strategies into his life to manage his dyspraxia which set him on his path to succeed both at school and as an individual.

We were so delighted with Hugo’s achievements that we enrolled his brother on the programme, again with great success and are just in the process or securing a place for my daughter.

Update: Hugo is now in his first year at university studying Biochemistry having developed into a well-rounded individual. He completed his Duke of Edinburgh Award and has travelled around the Far East with his friends.

Being diagnosed with Dyspraxia has enabled Hugo to get the help he needs with his university degree and he has been provided with the necessary support both in lectures and in his studies.

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