How to prepare your child

Let your child know what to expect when they immediately walk into the room
A Sunflower clinic is like a doctor’s surgery. There may be charts on the walls, books, pictures of bodies and skeletons plus a table or couch, which your child will be asked to sit on, or lie down on, during the assessment. They will be greeted by a practitioner who will be wearing a white or green coat plus a welcoming smile.

Let your child know what will happen during the pre-programme assessment
The pre-programme assessment will take around one hour during which time a Sunflower practitioner will carry out 78 different tests. Due to the number of tests, the practitioner will work quickly and may not be able to answer all questions as they proceed - all their attention will be focused on your child. However, they will be free to answer any questions at the end of the session.

Many of the tests will be in the form of muscle testing. For example, your child will be asked to push out, push up and push down with their arms. The practitioner will apply very gentle pressure and will check, all the way through, that your child is comfortable with the procedure. If, at any time, they feel uncomfortable, the practitioner will stop immediately. Please note, that some of the tests require the subconscious to respond quicker than the brain and therefore these tests will not be pre-warned.


Let your child know that the practitioner will need to touch them
As part of the diagnostic process, your child will be asked to remove some items of clothing and to perform a series of simple movements. This is standard procedure for all osteopathic approaches and is necessary to ensure the practitioner can see how the alignment and how muscles/bones are functioning.

We recommend that parents bring their child’s gym kit, or a simple t-shirt and shorts, for their child to change into beforehand.

Let your child know that you will be with them the whole time
You will be with your child for the duration of every session of the programme. They will never be asked to be on their own with the practitioner, or anyone else. The Sunflower Programme is as much for parents as it is for the child.

However, we do kindly ask all parents to leave any siblings with a relative or friend. We do not have any facilities for additional children and they can be a distraction to your child and the practitioner. This is your child’s time to shine and your time to share with your child. For the same reason, we ask all parents to switch off their mobile phones.

It’s so nice to know that there’s something out there that is totally natural that can have such a positive effect on a child – I think every child should have a Sunflower Practitioner to go to!
Sunflower Parent

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