Harriet's Story

My daughter was 7 years old when she first met Mark, the Sunflower man as Harriet would later call him. Little did I know then what a profound difference that man was going to make to my daughter.

Harriet had been having terrible communication problems at school. She was always getting into trouble with her teachers for bad behaviour and the other children found her behaviour very strange. As a result, Harriet did not have many friends. Harriet seemed to live her life in chronic anxiety – she was permanently uptight, confused and way behind in her school work. Unable to understand why Harriet was so stressed and confused all the time, we took her to the doctor, who referred us to our local hospital where Harriet was formally diagnosed as having ADD. We were told that the only treatment was a drug called Ritalin. When I asked if there were any alternatives to this drug, I was told that this was the only option.

I left the hospital in despair – there was no way that I wanted to drug my daughter but I didn’t know what alternatives there were. Determined to find some other way of helping Harriet, I started to research alternative treatments and discovered The Sunflower Programme. When I contacted the Sunflower Trust, I felt that their programme was the kind of support I was looking for.


What made things even better was the fact that the Trust was able to provide me with bursary funding to cover the cost of the treatment. So, after the feeling of desperation when told that drugs were the only solution for Harriet, I was now feeling hopeful that there was actually an alternative that would help her in a natural way. Little did I know just how powerful that natural approach would be.

We had our first two appointments with Mark and Harriet seemed quite happy to go to the clinic. I was certainly intrigued at what he was doing. On the third appointment, something happened that will live with Harriet and me for the rest of our lives. In the middle of the session, Mark started to give Harriet a head massage. I think he explained that he was gently using acupressure to free blockages for Harriet. As I watched, I saw before my very eyes Harriet’s face and body change as her stress and tension started to disappear. It is very hard to describe exactly what I witnessed at that moment; I can only say that Harriet’s face looked as though she would like to float out of the consultation room! When we left the clinic, Harriet said, “Mummy, I feel wonderful.”

There was no looking back for Harriet after that. In her next English test at school, Harriet jumped a massive two levels in her reading band for no apparent reason. Her handwriting improved dramatically as well, quite spontaneously, and teachers reported that she was able to concentrate, communicate and absorb information far better than she had done before.

Now Harriet has completely caught up at school and is a relaxed and happy child with a very positive outlook on life. I put this dramatic change down to our Sunflower man and his amazing programme. Through the experience of this programme, both Harriet and I have learned that true health starts from within. That is something that Harriet has had the privilege of learning at a very early age and will stay with her for the rest of her life. Harriet says, “Thank you Mr. Sunflower Man!”

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