Fiona's Story

Fiona’s mother was recommended to the Sunflower Programme by a friend to see if it could help Fiona. Fiona is a happy and cheerful child but had some health issues as a baby. She also has a genetic disorder and a diagnosis of global development delay in the areas of speech and language, cognitive development, social and emotional development and moderate learning difficulties. A formal EHC plan was in place for extra support at school but Fiona was now two years behind her peers, mainly because of her inability to concentrate and focus. She finds there are lots of distractions in the classroom, has difficulty with information processing and with her memory.

When Fiona had her Sunflower pre-programme, it was evident that there were lots of areas that the Programme would be able to help with. Fiona’s scores were low, particularly in her musculoskeletal. Her head, neck, shoulders and pelvis were out of alignment and she was unable to find a comfortable stable state in any position. She was incapable of walking heel to toe in a straight line and could not balance on one leg for even a few seconds.


The right and left hemispheres of Fiona’s brain were not communicating and coordinating their activities as well as they should for her to be within the normally accepted range of coordinated movement and fine control of her body. She was unable to reconcile her peripheral and central vision and could not coordinate the movement of her two eyes in focusing while tracking from side to side, following the circular movement of an object or focusing from near-to-far, or far-to-near objects. With her eyes closed she found it difficult within normal limits of accuracy to locate the origin of sounds coming from different directions.

Fiona enjoyed attending her Sunflower appointments and was curious about what was going to happen. She enjoyed the ‘magic stuff’, the tapping, bending, stretching and tried hard to cooperate, even when she was tired.

On completing the programme, her mother reports that Fiona is much more in control of herself now. The changes were gradual but she now has less mood swings, understands and accepts the explanations to her questions better and able to control her feelings much, much more.

She is generally less frustrated than before and is willing to take turns when playing with friends. Her teachers have noticed that her handwriting has improved and she has become a more confident reader.

Fiona’s mother is grateful for the help and support of the Sunflower Trust and feels that Fiona really benefitted from going through the Sunflower Programme.

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