Felix's Story

I first heard about the Sunflower Programme through a chance conversation with a friend. I was telling this friend about some problems we were experiencing with my son who was 9 years old. We were worried about that fact that he seemed to burst into tears over every little incident in his life. On top of that, he appeared to be more disorganised than other children of his age, gullible and generally immature. I had also noticed his reluctance to try new things. Felix had a diagnosis of mild dyspraxia. We were also concerned about his concentration, memory, impatience, coordination and clumsiness, attention span and problem solving skills. Mother’s instinct told me that something was not right. My friend suggested that perhaps The Sunflower Programme might help Felix. I have to say, I did not fully understand how the programme could help but I trusted my friend and thought that there was no harm in trying something that was holistic and non-invasive.

With an open mind, I brought Felix to the first Sunflower session in Guildford. I really did not know exactly what to expect. In that first session, Mark put Felix through a series of tests and assessments. He asked Felix to stand behind a frame designed to show whether Felix’s body was aligned. I saw instantly that he was not standing straight and when Mark started to talk me through what he could see, I began to think that perhaps this man could help my son.


As we progressed through the programme, I began to see improvements in Felix’s attitude to things at school and to life in general. I could see that the ‘re-wiring’, as Mark called it, was certainly having quite an effect on Felix’s confidence. Not only was Felix now willing and able to try out new things, he was also in much better physical shape. This meant that he was doing better at sports at school and, as a result felt happier about himself.

I was also surprised at how much Felix enjoyed the sessions with Mark. Although he was always tired a day or so after visiting Mark, which we were warned about, Felix was always happy to go to the clinic. He was also very happy to take the nutrition that was recommended and didn’t need me to place it in front of him.

The breathing exercises for calming his emotions seem to have had quite an impact on Felix, to such an extent that whenever my husband and I were having arguments over little things, Felix would come into the room and say, “Mummy, BREATHE SLOWLY and you will feel much better.”

Update: Felix has now finished his treatment and I can see a huge improvement in his confidence. His performance at school has improved along with his behaviour and he has stopped crying all the time. I know that we will go back to Mark for a top-up session, which will, no doubt, be necessary from time-to-time. It’s so nice to know that there’s something out there that is totally natural that can have such a positive effect on a child – I think every child should have a Mark to go to!

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