Edgar's Story

Edgar’s mother reports that at nursery he could never sit still, was unable to concentrate, even when involved in an activity such as a game, had little concept of time and was unable to sleep properly. He was assessed at nursery but with no outcome and the teachers stated that he would probably not settle at a mainstream school. Struggling through primary and middle school he struggled with his handwriting, often writing very fast but it being illegible. Whilst he often had difficulty following sequential instructions and sometimes needed to read a word of sentence a few times, his reading and maths was good. His parents were anxious that Edgar would cope on his move up to ‘big’ school.

It wasn’t long before Edgar’s mother and indeed his teachers at secondary school were at the end of their tether with his behaviour and concentration and Edgar being continually ‘on report’. Again, he was recommended to be assessed for ADHD. Inevitably, Edgar’s self-esteem and confidence had hit an all time low which resulted in some sharp mood swings. Whilst enduring the process of assessment, Edgar’s mother heard of the Sunflower Programme through a friend and felt that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Fortunately, they took advantage of a bursary from the charity.


As his practitioner comments, “It has been a joy to work with Edgar. With the support of his parents and through the strength of his own efforts, Edgar has been helped to find a very much more balanced, confident and attentive way of conducting himself.

This is true physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and academically. He is much more able to focus and communicate intelligently and sensibly and now displays a lot more self confidence in tackling the day-to-day demands that life brings to him.

Edgar's mother reports that he enjoyed the Sunflower sessions and found the practitioner fascinating. Following the third session, Edgar released a huge emotional burden and a fortnight after that he started to sleep properly.

He gradually adopted a happier outlook on life and started to go to bed on his own without any prompting or talking. School continues to remain a challenge but he is at a point now where he can discuss his feelings and issues as he is more confident and happier in himself.

Edgar was still waiting for the completion of his ADHD assessment by the time he finished the Sunflower Programme.

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