Cameron's Story

I first heard of The Sunflower Trust through a work colleague, who had seen a presentation on local TV news. She knew that I was becoming increasingly more concerned about Cameron's development at school.

Cameron was a normal, healthy and happy child with a keen interest in all sporting activities. However, quite early on in his schooling it was apparent that he struggled with remembering how to spell, despite repeating again and again, the most simply words and he frequently formed letters and numbers and whole words in reverse. As others around him at school progressed he became more and more dejected about, what he saw as, his failure!

Soon a general low self-esteem was affecting other aspects of his life and reaching into the areas, such as sport, where he had previously succeeded. Reading and writing sessions at home became a horror for him and a stressful time for both of us. He would do anything to avoid writing! As a mother, the awful part was listening to him telling me he thought he was “stupid” and would never be able to read and write.


When we started on The Sunflower Programme, neither of us really knew what we expected to get out of it and it was a learning process for us both at each session. As I would imagine is the case with many things like this, the results are not easy to see in the early days but I am so pleased that we continued. Gradually, rather like unravelling a complicated puzzle, Cameron has become much happier with himself, a calmer, more organised child who is slowly becoming proud of his achievements and more positive about attempting new learning experiences, even "the dreaded writing"!

The Sunflower Programme and the support and encouragement Cameron has from the staff at his school, have already reaped rewards. Cameron's reading has gone from strength to strength and he picks up a book to enjoy and read because he wants to.

A hugely encouraging mid-term report, showing a big improvement, especially in maths is helping to turn around the attitude he displayed as little as four months ago. Cameron speaks positively to family and friends of The Sunflower Programme and the benefits to him.

What greater reward is possible than to see a child achieve his potential when all had seemed impossible such a short time before.

Thank you.

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