Angela's Story

Our daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic at the age of nine. Up until then, school had been a distressing experience for her. She was disorganised, forgetful and often clumsy with very low self-esteem and though she tried extremely hard, she had very little success.

We were offered a place on The Sunflower Programme through a recommendation by a friend. At first, we were very sceptical but decided to try it on the understanding that we could leave at any time if the programme proved to be of no benefit to Angela.

Before we began the programme, Angela found catching a ball difficult and her body language was compact and withdrawn. She had very low self-esteem and was constantly frustrated. In the first instance, Angela agreed to take part in the Sunflower project for one reason only….to get time off school!

She's an extremely bright child with a strong sense of right and wrong. For this reason, on her second visit to the clinic, she began to test the value of the programme by pretending not to be able to do what was asked of her. This was picked up immediately: she was encouraged sensitively and with understanding to continue. After three attempts of trying to fool them she was convinced of the legitimacy of what she was being asked to do and consequently gave her total co-operation for the remainder of the treatment.


Angela is now 12 and has just changed to secondary school which was a painless and positive step. She's a passionate and dedicated horse rider and an active member of the school netball team, holding the position of goal shooter, hitting the basket an average two out of three times. She's recently taken up karate, trampolining and windsurfing. Angela's whole persona has changed to a bright, sunny, confident child who has a great understanding of her worth.

Angela's academic achievements have changed as well: through her hard dedicated work she's achieving success and is being recognised for the potential she holds within. For the first time in her life, she's being streamed into the top sets. Angela still recognises she has problems in some areas, like spelling, but with the techniques taught by The Sunflower Programme, she's now become master of her demons. She's recently discovered she has hidden artistic talents that have sent her off in another exciting pursuit. She no longer wants to avoid school but can't wait to get there to see what the day holds.

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