About the Sunflower Programme

The Sunflower Programme is an innovative, comprehensive approach to improving the health, behaviour, learning and overall wellbeing of children. By better integrating their brain with their body, it helps children to be the best that they can be.

Each programme is tailor-made to address a child’s unique musculoskeletal, neurological, biochemical and emotional needs as well as by testing the integrity and viability of the nervous system. The results of establishing better brain and body functioning is a reduction or elimination of negative symptoms thereby improving the ability to learn - academically, socially and emotionally.

Whether a child has a formal diagnosis or not, understanding the root cause and the way in which the mind mediates between the brain and the body, is critical to effectively addressing the problem.

A properly functioning brain communicates between both hemispheres, as well as within each hemisphere, at lightning speed. Think of these communications like runners in a relay race: They connect, pass on information, and release, repeating this process millions of times a minute around the body via the nervous system. In a poorly functioning nervous system, these runners are often out of sync, missing each other or passing on only partial information.


Such misconnection can occur at any time during brain development, even in the womb, but it generally remains undetected until obvious symptoms begin to appear, usually at school age and is the root of all types of learning, behaviour and social problems.

The Sunflower Programme helps children by testing the integrity and viability of the nervous system. It is the central nervous system that regulates and integrates all aspects of health and behaviour and Sunflower has found that if it sorts out much of this underlying confusion that children respond far better to teachers or additional specialist help they may be receiving.

To have caught up with his age group over a period of only a year is an amazing achievement. He was 18 months behind his age group and in 9 months has caught up. In other words, in the same time interval he has achieved a great deal more than his peers. Thanks go to the Sunflower Programme.
Sunflower Parent

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