Aaron's Story

Aaron’s mother got in touch with Sunflower as she felt we may be able to help Aaron with his Autism. He was suffering from low self-esteem and often felt anxious which manifested into anger. He also worried about upsetting people and did not always think of how his actions would affect others. He had recently moved school to one where his mother worked in the hope that this would give Aaron comfort but the family still wanted to do that bit more for him.

Aaron’s grandfather was wholly supportive of this initiative, to the point where he felt he should support the family and Aaron through the programme and attended with one of his parents at every appointment. At the pre- programme assessment, it was clear that Aaron’s body was structurally out of alignment - his head, neck and spine were out of balance and his shallow breathing needed some work. The neurological elements of the assessment showed that Aaron needed help with coordinating his left with his right and the body with brain integration. He also needed some food supplements to top up his vitamin/mineral batteries.


Over a period of nearly a year, Aaron worked through his individual Sunflower Programme and made improvements in each of the 10 stages. His pre-versus-post programme score showed an overall uplift of 59%. His grandfather noticed improvements every step of the way and was impressed by how diligently he worked at home on his exercises and how willingly he took his food supplements. A lot of the work that the Sunflower Practitioner undertook alongside the family was around the emotional, academic and social difficulties that Aaron was having. Aaron conscientiously practiced the coping techniques he had been taught and became more able to handle the day to day challenges he faced. Even Aaron understood that he was improving in how he managed his own behaviour.

Aaron commented that he enjoyed the “chats” that he and the Sunflower Practitioner had at his appointments and was often excited to go home and tell his other parent all about what had happened at his session. He says he will miss his appointments.

Aaron's parents are delighted with the differences that they have seen in him. He is now able to control his emotions and doesn't have the huge anger outbursts that he did before. They feel that Aaron's posture, balance and dexterity are as good as they can possibly be and he is sleeping better and his energy levels have improved.

At school, Aaron is relating more positively to other pupils and staff and can concentrate better over longer periods. He is generally more co-operative and better at following instructions.

Aaron’s mother has reported back, “We have all noticed that Aaron is much happier in himself and at school.” What fantastic news!

Aaron’s grandfather states that he continually notices improvements in how Aaron deals with a situation and wholeheartedly believes in the Sunflower Programme.

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