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Parents say their children are healthier, happier and more confident after being supported by Sunflower. We hope you enjoy reading some of their inspiring stories (note: names have been removed).

‘He starts his homework straight away!’

“W has improved on so many levels since his sessions with Tim. His left shoulder was blocked but by sorting out his alignment his swimming has improved hugely.  Tim has worked on his co-ordination and right left integration which has meant his writing has also improved and in turn his confidence has soared!  Now he comes home and starts his homework straight away, he is pro-active which is just wonderful! ”

‘I felt emotional’

“Sheree is a truly amazing and remarkable lady. I have to say that meeting the Queen would not make me feel more joy that sitting with Sheree and watch her work with O.

She injected such motivation in O with her kind and gentle ways that she has been in a ‘high’ since then. I felt emotional at times. Our homework from the session was to go to the park and set an obstacle course. I have never seen O trying so hard to do it. I have spent my life encouraging her to have a go at the apparatus at the park to be faced with a no all the time, and there she was on Saturday afternoon trying to climb on everything!”

Turning a corner

“I can’t thank Sunflower and particularly Gemma and you enough for all the help and advice you have given us over the last year. Gemma was absolutely fantastic with H and I hope now is the start of the corner turning in terms of her managing herself and feeling better about herself.”

‘We had a breakthrough’

“I have to say out of all the different types of help we have had since E tried to take her own life, Gemma has been the best by far. E just loves her and Gemma is direct with her but in a firm way. We had a breakthrough this week as Gemma has managed to get her to talk about her education. Gemma just has a brilliant way about her.”

“Now that my daughter has seen her Sunflower practitioner, Gemma, I feel that there has been a change in her. She actually said to me ‘Mum, I feel as if I’m getting somewhere’ whereas before she said there was no point in talking about her future as she wasn’t going to be here.”

‘I feel so positive and good that we are doing something to help him’

“Our first session with Sheree was amazing and such a fantastic experience for us all as a family. My husband said he was so glad that he came along too as he said ‘I would never have believed you if you had tried to explain it to me’.  He was blown away by it all and now thinks he will see Sheree too for some health issues that he has. We walked away feeling a huge weight had been lifted off of us. I feel so lucky that someone recommended us to you.”

“Both my husband and I went along to the pre programme assessment and we found it a real eye opener and fascinating to learn so much. J was really impressed with what Sheree found out and he personally thanked me and his granny (she is paying for him to do the programme) for helping him. It has had a really positive effect on him already. He came home and started thinking of ways to eat more healthily. I feel so positive and good that we are doing something to help him. ”


“The transformation in M is nothing short of remarkable and we will be forever grateful to Gemma and the Sunflower Trust. By the time the school trip came he was very chilled and relaxed about it, there was no anxiety to be seen at all. He was one of four in the dormitory and it was actually his friend who was homesick every night and not him. As a result he had a fantastic school trip and loved all the activities without having to worry about the night time. We are so grateful that M has had this opportunity that we would like our younger son to have the same assessment so that we can make sure he is in the best possible health state too.”

‘Like having an MOT for your child’

“A year is a long time in a child’s life. I don’t know where we would be if it hadn’t been for Sunflower. Sunflower’s initial assessment was like having an MOT for your child and it revealed that my son had postural imbalances and was completely out of alignment. This has now been corrected so he is a lot more comfortable in his own skin, he doesn’t fidget as much resulting in a much calmer boy at school. He has been given help to assist his right left brain integration to boost his focus and concentration.”

‘The programme helps her so much’

“J loves going to see Sheree, they have a great relationship. Sheree tailors the sessions according to how J’s mood is. Sheree has also done a lot of work on her balance and we have exercises to do which I have given to the school and they are doing them too. She is still hitting and biting when she gets angry but it is nothing like on the scale that it was. The programme helps her so much.”

He went jogging for the first time!

“A felt that his Sunflower session was helpful on Saturday and in the evening even said he wanted to do some jogging around our local park. This is something he has never said before.”

‘A weight has been lifted’

“Gemma is amazing, she’s such a professional and put us both at ease – she directed everything at A and he really listened to her. What was so wonderful was to see how amazing he is at other things, it really is like having an MOT for your child. On Wednesday we had the meeting at school with the teachers about him moving up to the next year and I was full of apprehension, now after our assessment I feel like a whole weight has been lifted from me. ”


“Gemma was fantastic with my daughter. She could see that she was welling up and Gemma just stopped and said – do you know what – let’s find out about you. She asked her favourite chocolate bar, her favourite TV programme and really took time to get to know her and allow her breaks. F was grinning and smiling by the end of it, she really liked Gemma.”

‘Instant improvement’

“D liked Sheree immediately and they soon developed a bond. From the very first session we noticed an instant improvement with his tics. In 2.5 months it was gone completely. It now only comes back occasionally at times of stress such as exams. D felt that Sheree was a special mentor for him, she understood him completely and he will always go back to her at difficult times for top up sessions. We always left Sheree with a positive feeling as she has such a comforting effect. D’s focus and drive is better. We are very happy we put D on the programme and are very pleased with the results. We have now started the programme with my daughter and are looking forward to seeing the developments there too.”








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