STOP PRESS – monsters are munching worries away

Colourful characters known as Worry Monsters are proving a big hit with Sunflower children.

We have been suggesting to parents that these fluffy anxiety fighters can help their children deal with worries that are getting out of control.

The Worry Monsters – easily available online – are soft toys with a pouch inside their mouth for children to post their worries into. The monsters then magically munch the worries away while the child sleeps.

These parenting aids provide a great visual way for children to express their anxieties and then put them away. They write or draw the worry, or ask their parent to write it, and then post it into the mouth.

As one parent said: “I think these are just fantastic, it gives me an opportunity to sit down with my child at bedtime and discuss the worries of day.

“We put the worry in that night and when my daughter woke up in the morning, she said ‘look mummy, the worry has gone’.”

Sunflower Chief Executive, Nichola Atkinson explains: “Worries often build up in children and they don’t always know how to process them.  Anxieties can then grow out of control, especially at bedtime. The monsters give children a physical activity that allows them to deal with their feelings.  They also give a parent a window of opportunity to either discuss the anxiety before bed or, of course, understand what is worrying their child when they take the note out at night when their child is asleep!”

Anxiety can cause a huge range of symptoms in children – from tummy aches, headaches and sleep problems to eating issues, low self-esteem and even obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

If your child suffers with anxiety, why not try a Worry Monster in your home? They come in a variety of styles and colours.

If your child is unable to cope with their anxiety, or you feel they are just not getting the best out of life, contact the Sunflower Programme: 01483 531498







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