Dominic’s anxiety and frustration levels reduced dramatically

Dominic felt like a failure; he was anxious, didn’t concentrate at school, had regular emotional outbursts and was displaying nervous tics. This meant that despite being a quick learner with a good memory, he was not reaching his full potential academically.

Exceptionally gifted in music, Dominic, age 10, has a good appreciation of the arts, a strong imagination and is very creative. He enjoys life and generally has a positive outlook.

However, there were areas in which he completely lacked confidence and focus and at times he became very negative about things, leading to outbursts of irrational behaviour.

Work started on his posture and muscle tension

A Sunflower pre-programme assessment found Dominic had tremendous muscle tension in his back, jaw and shoulders. This was adding to his feelings of low self-worth, anxiety about certain subjects and his teachers at school.

His parents enrolled him onto the Sunflower Programme and he quickly developed a bond with his practitioner. Dominic’s sessions included work to improve his posture and flexibility, which immediately had a very positive effect on his overall mental state. His anxiety and frustration levels reduced dramatically and he began to concentrate more and achieve higher grades. Thus, his relationships with his teachers improved as he was making more effort in lessons.

As he went through the programme, Dominic became more settled and happy in himself, knowing that he could achieve more with less effort, and suddenly life generally became easier and less stressful. His overall stress response reduced and he felt more able and less easily intimidated. The change in physical and mental tension resulted in his tics dramatically subsiding too.

Instant improvement

His mother says: “We started the Sunflower Programme to see if we could get help with Dominic’s tics, his concentration and mood outbursts. From the very first session we noticed an instant improvement with his tics; they now only come back occasionally at times of stress such as exams.

“As the sessions progressed, his practitioner Sheree would talk to him about what was important to him. She was very understanding, supportive and they shared lots of discussions about bullying, giving him helpful tools to cope with this.

“Dominic’s focus is better and has his own drive to do things. We are very happy we put him on the programme and are very pleased with the results.”

If you think your child would benefit from the Sunflower Programme, call 01483 531498 or email for more information.

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