Maisie feels ready for her GCSEs

Maisie, 13, felt well prepared for her GSCEs after completing the Sunflower Programme.

Her mother said: “I read an article about the Sunflower Programme and discovered that there was another way to support Maisie through her dyslexia, coordination and forgetfulness. Her problems were not severe, but I really wanted to help her to be the best that she can be.”

Maisie is very sociable and has lots of friends. Emotionally she is very mature, she is aware of other people’s feelings and good at reading situations. Her main weaknesses were her memory and confidence in her school work. Her mum also felt she would really benefit from some learning strategies.

A Sunflower pre-programme assessment found that Maisie had mixed left/right dominance, which explained her clumsiness to some extent. Her balance and breathing were poor and her spine was out of alignment, leaving her with both eyes and shoulders out of level. The mechanics of her walking were also uneven.

Maisie’s Sunflower practitioner worked on her physical structure and she immediately reported differences in her gym classes: being able to do a lot of exercises that she couldn’t do before. Neurologically, her Sunflower sessions concentrated on her ability to focus and she was also recommended some vitamins for her body too.

Maisie’s mother says: “We were also concerned about Maisie’s handwriting when we first started the programme but her practitioner worked on this and it is now quite neat, which is wonderful! Another exciting thing that has come out of the Sunflower final assessment was that Maisie’s memory recall for number patterns has improved significantly.

“Maisie is starting her GCSE year and we feel more confident that she is better prepared. Maisie and I would both happily recommend the Sunflower Programme to other parents and teenagers. It has been so helpful for us.”
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