Flynn’s mood, sleep, energy and learning has improved

Flynn, 8, was making very slow progress at school. This was affecting his confidence, mood and enthusiasm for learning. After completing the Sunflower Programme, all these areas of his life improved significantly.

A school SENCo assessed Flynn’s academic abilities to find out what was going on.

Although he was at an average age for his reading, spelling and non-verbal abilities, he was below average for auditory sequential memory and had a low awareness of common sequences. As a result of this, Flynn had a complete lack of enthusiasm for school.

Flynn’s mother said initially he didn’t understand or see the point of attending his  Sunflower appointments and he was angry about them. However, when he was told that his body was out of alignment and that was why he was getting leg pains all the time, he understood how it was all connected. When his structure was corrected by the practitioner he was really able to see the benefits and would ask his mum: “When are we going again?”

After the musculoskeletal changes were complete, his family noticed improvements in Flynn’s mood, sleeping and energy. His mother says: “The next change that we started to see was how much calmer he became; there was less anger and frustration in general. He started to get more confident and his memory improved thanks to the concentration exercises that we practised regularly. Now when he has a piece of homework that he’s struggling with, we do his right-left brain exercises for two minutes and then go back and tackle the tricky homework; it just seems to get him in the right zone for concentrating.

“The practitioner was able to tell me that Flynn needed to sit at the front of the class facing the left in order to optimise his learning capabilities. I was able to take this information to the teacher and he is doing so much better at school now as a result. Flynn’s maths teacher has also noticed an improvement in his concentration and confidence.

“I know Flynn has improved in this area as when we had his post-programme assessment, his neurological score went from 14/40 to 38/40 – this is equivalent to an incredible uplift of 171%! We couldn’t be happier.

“I am a firm believer that a child’s diet plays a big part in their health and wellbeing and I get very frustrated that the school gives the children sugary snacks before sitting them down to do their prep. As a result of Flynn’s body being better balanced with his vitamins and minerals he does not have such emotional mood swings any more with sugar. Overall, Flynn has shown a huge improvement in his willingness to complete homework, his attitude to learning and his confidence levels

“I am very happy to recommend the programme to my friends.”


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