Annie’s anxiety kept her awake

Annie’s anxiety was so bad it kept her awake at night and caused her to develop a repetitive blinking habit. A Sunflower pre-programme assessment showed her body was completely out of alignment.

At the age of just seven years old, Annie was very vocal about her worries – just learning about volcanoes, thunderstorms and flooding at school caused her sleepless nights. She found it hard to handle some situations and would worry about things for quite some time after they had happened.

Annie’s mother said: “When I heard that the Sunflower Programme used neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to support children who struggle with confidence, I thought it could be the answer.

“I was totally shocked with the results of the pre-programme assessment. I had not expected for her to have such poor body alignment! Her musculoskeletal score was 14/30 (47%). I thought it would be her neurological score that would be low because of her anxiety but it was the opposite – 38/40. Her high anxiety levels were also illustrated with the biochemical tests that indicated her body was not absorbing its vitamins and minerals properly. I found the whole screening a real eye opener and it gave me lots of reassurance that once her physical structure was corrected and we improved her confidence, that she would be a very healthy girl.”

Annie looked forward to her Sunflower sessions and got on well with her practitioner. Over time she became happier about doing her homework and would start it straight away after school. There was a gradual improvement in Annie’s confidence and she was far more relaxed about things that would have made her anxious before. Even Annie’s teachers commented on how much they thought she had grown in confidence over a period of just a few months.

Because Annie’s anxiety had been affecting all her vitamin and mineral absorption, her practitioner looked at rebalancing the body’s biochemistry. She was prescribed a top-up of some vitamins and minerals for a short period in order to get her batteries boosted.

Annie’s post programme results were outstanding: 29/30 for musculoskeletal; 40/40 for neurological and 27/30 for biochemical.

Annie’s mother added: “We have been really impressed with the Sunflower Programme and how much Annie has progressed. We’d like to say a very big thank you to the team and especially to our practitioner for making the whole process fun and enjoyable. We hope our son will go through the programme next year too.”


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