Amber’s confidence continues to grow

Before visiting Sunflower, Amber, 9, had low self-esteem, struggled with school and friendships and had frequent aggressive outbursts. After completing the programme, her health and wellbeing scores improved by 116% and she even gave a speech to be nominated for house captain at school.

Amber had been assessed by the Dyslexia Research Trust and found to have dyslexic  tendencies; she was almost two years behind with her reading and spelling. She had moved primary school in order to get more support but was still struggling academically.

Children at school teased Amber about not being able to spell and this contributed to her low self-esteem. She found making friends very difficult as a result. Struggles at school overlapped into Amber’s family life and she frequently got upset and had aggressive outbursts. Doing homework was always a drama and affected the whole family.

Amber’s Sunflower pre-programme assessment found her structure was misaligned: 14/30 (47%). Her neurological score was even worse at 14/40 (35%) and her biochemical score was 17/30 (57%).

Sunflower noted that she had had a fall two years earlier which had damaged her collar bone and it was likely that this was affecting the rest of her body.

Amber’s practitioner worked on the negative associations that she had with school and her own self-esteem. Her collar bone damage meant she needed additional osteopathy sessions but her family said the improvement to her wellbeing and behaviour was massive.

Her mother says: “The programme really covered all areas with Amber but it was by no means a quick fix. We had one day out to a theme park where Amber had such a temper tantrum and meltdown that the next session with our practitioner was spent just trying to work through this and give Amber better strategies to not explode when she couldn’t get her own way.”

A year later, Amber’s score for her structure was 29/30 (an uplift of 107%), her neurological score was 39/40 (an uplift of 179%) and biochemically 29/30 (an uplift of 71%). Overall, her health and wellbeing score went from 45% to 97%.

Her mother adds: “Amber has really benefitted from the programme and we have seen a huge improvement in her anxiety levels and self confidence. She is less distressed at school and is a lot more confident with her friendships. Last Friday she stood up in front of the whole school to make a short speech about why she would like to be nominated for House Captain! We are so delighted.

Her confidence continues to grow and we are a much happier family.”


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