‘Come on mum, it’s time to do my spellings’

Sunflower children inspire us every day.

Justin, for example, hated schoolwork but now asks to do his spelling practice! Here’s his story (name has been changed):

Having dyspraxia and suspected dyslexia had left Justin, 9, totally disengaged with learning. Spelling practice would end in arguments with mum, football would leave him with leg pains and he never had a good night’s sleep. After completing the Sunflower Programme, all these things changed.

Justin’s mother contacted Sunflower after a school report showed he was not meeting his learning targets. She said: “After receiving the school report I sat down with him that summer holiday to try to help him with his spellings. We ended up arguing and achieving very little and I soon realised that I needed outside support if I was going to help him with his education. He has dyspraxia and suspected dyslexia, so he finds everything twice as hard as other children.”

A Sunflower pre-programme assessment showed his musculoskeletal to be of particular concern as his body appeared to be completely out of alignment.

His mother said: “ Over the course of the next 10 months, our practitioner was able to remove any negative associations Justin had with homework and spellings and now he sits down every Tuesday and Thursday and says ‘come on mum, it’s time to do my spellings’. When the practitioner got him to spell the word ‘concentration’ backwards, it blew my mind!

“The practitioner made several recommendations that I took to the teacher who implemented them all – sitting with the white board placed at 11o’clock to his body which helped his learning as well as doing all his spellings on a white board rather than using a pen and paper. Justin is now enthusiastic about going to school and the teacher tells me he speaks out in class a lot more and takes an active part.

“Completing the Sunflower Programme has made life easier for him and given him self-belief, which means he is happy. As a mum, you can’t ask for more than that.”

Re-aligning Justin’s body means that he no longer gets leg pains after a day of sport and he sleeps better at night. His latest school report said he was working totally in line with expectations in all subjects except for reading and writing which was not that far below.

Justin has also attended a week-long scout camp which previously would have made him anxious and he would not have gone but he tackled his fears head on, went away to camp and had a huge amount of fun!


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