Exams looming? Does your child need support to reach their full potential?

When exams are looming, many parents will be desperate to help their child in some way – perhaps a magic wand that will ‘glue’ all the English, science and maths into their heads or somehow turn them into geniuses?

There is no magic wand available to buy on Amazon, but Sunflower practitioners believe they provide the next best thing – a powerful box of tools for children to use to reach their full potential and cope with whatever life throws at them.

Sunflower’s philosophy is that educational abilities are not just about teaching methods but are also strongly connected to the physical, nutritional, neurological and psychological health of the child.

So, what does all this mean? The Sunflower Programme supports children by testing the integrity and viability of the nervous system.  It is the central nervous system that regulates and integrates all aspects of health and behaviour and Sunflower has found that if it sorts out much of this underlying confusion that children respond far better to teachers or additional specialist help they may be receiving.  The holistic programme activates the neurological integration of the eyes, ears, balance and co-ordination and ensures the two sides of the brain work effectively and as it should.

In Sunflower’s first research pilot study, children experienced a significant improvement in their IQ of 12-15 points from a total therapeutic contact time of 4 to 5 hours spread over a period of 6 months. This is the equivalent of moving them from the bottom to the middle of their class. Their health improved by 60% and their behaviour, self-esteem and self-confidence improved by 65%.

Revision for exams, of course, is still up to your child but Sunflower has found that children respond very positively to the health and wellbeing programme.

If you think your child would benefit from the Sunflower Programme, more information can be found here: www.sunflowertrust.com. Or you can call 01483 531498 or email enquiries@sunflowertrust.com for more information.


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