A mother’s response – “Wow – it’s like having a health MOT for your child”!

To have a child who is anxious and who has confidence issues is just so tricky – who do you easily turn to for help without the child realising they are anxious only to become more anxious as they now understand everyone else knows they are different?As a parent, you look at your beautiful child and ponder where their carefree childhood has gone and wonder what they really must be anxious about – but your sixth sense knows there is something not being dealt with. I have come to understand that it is not just a “girl” thing but boys experience anxiety and confidence issues too – who would have thought it with all their bravado!

I didn’t feel we were at a stage where I should broadcast my concerns to teachers or my network of friends as too often this results in “dinner table psychologists” who aren’t qualified but feel the need to comment! I knew it wasn’t something that I could easily go to my overworked GP with as, at best they would refer my daughter to someone else, at worst I would be told I was overreacting and she would grow out of it or I should drink some camomile tea! I also didn’t want to create an ‘elephant in the room’ but I knew this anxiety needed to be exorcised or she might well have it for the rest of her life!

So, I enrolled Molly on the Sunflower Programme which starts with the pre-programme health & wellbeing assessment consisting of 78 different tests – no mention of anxiety or confidence, or any other label come to think of it!

Immediately, we walked in through the door, the Sunflower Practitioner, Sheree, put Molly at her ease and explained everything so clearly about what she was doing and why. Despite us attending Sunflower for Molly’s anxiety, I was surprised to see for myself how Molly’s body was out of alignment and that she was muscularly stressed. I was reassured to know that this can be corrected and that once done, Molly, who Sheree believed was naturally sporty, would see an improvement in her performance on the sports field.

 For me, the real genius of Sunflower is the three-pronged approach – musculoskeletal, neurological and biochemical – and all being carried out by the same practitioner.  It was the first time I felt that Molly was being assessed as a whole person rather than being ‘patched up’ in one area. It was also reassuring to see where Molly performed well which we don’t focus enough on when other areas are a concern. I was fascinated by the different biochemical tests and being able to see for myself which things Molly’s body reacted to.

However, most impressive was how both Molly and I witnessed for ourselves how the brain can affect our muscles – a negative feeling/emotion can make the body go weak and vice versa. This was very real for Molly to feel on her own body and it planted the seed for her to understand how her feelings affected her whole being.

We both came out of the session delighted – for my part, that I had found someone who could help Molly feel better about herself – for Molly, that she could feel how negativity impacted on her very being.

I know that we haven’t spoken of that ‘elephant’ but I am hoping that by not labelling it, the anxiety, lack of confidence and poor self-esteem will disappear of its own accord once we have finished the programme.

We are both looking forward to the Sunflower sessions.

For more information about the Sunflower Programme: http://www.sunflowertrust.com/



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