Put a spring in your child’s step

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy but to really put a spring in your child’s step we need to get their body-basics right first. After all, the bedrock of good health is the musculoskeletal and nervous system. If these systems are out of kilter, efforts to improve your child’s health and wellbeing may not be effective.

Everyone’s body has its own unique imperfections – be it neurological disorganisation, postural misalignment or a predisposition to certain allergies or conditions. At Sunflower, we believe that laying good health foundations means addressing these imbalances early to avoid the body developing compensatory patterns of being, which can cause long-term impairment that is then harder to rectify.

You may be surprised to hear that in a recent Sunflower sample of one hundred children only one child was considered within ‘normal’ range musculoskeletally and less than a quarter were using their body and brain to maximum effect. This is why the first aspect of health the Sunflower programme addresses is imbalances in the skeleton, joints and muscles. The simple process of correcting a child’s structure immediately effects the way that child stands, sits, walks and presents him or herself, plus improves digestion, breathing and blood flow.

The other crucial aspect of health that is rarely mentioned but that is extremely important is neurological health. You may well ask how this fits into a child’s wellbeing – and the answer is in every possible way! Let us explain: the nervous system is commonly referred to as the ‘computer of the body’ in that it works tirelessly behind the scenes to interpret information from our senses and initiate a series of physical reactions in response, all at lightning speed. It has no off-switch. In the classroom, it will be working hard to make sense of what your child hears and sees; during break time, it will trigger your child’s hunger; during games, it will regulate their temperature, heart and respiration rate; on the way home, it will keep them safe from perceived danger by releasing adrenalin; and once home, it will release hormones that tell their body to relax and eventually, to sleep. If there is neurological disorganisation then a child’s health, behaviour and learning are all affected – and this is why improving neurological coordination is the second aspect of health that the Sunflower Programme addresses.

One of many heart-warming testimonials that stays with us is Theo. Theo’s mother said, “A friend recommended the Sunflower Programme and I was not prepared for what happened next. The Sunflower Practitioner showed me how misaligned Theo’s body was – he was lopsided, appeared to have flat feet and one leg longer than the other. Slowly he fixed Theo up and with each visit I noticed improvement. What I didn’t expect with the realignment of Theo’s physic was that his confidence in his own ability would grow to the extent it did, which has meant that he has tackled work at school head-on. His writing has improved and his spelling tests have gone from zero to hero. Theo can be whatever he wants to be – his life is in his control – an exciting place to be and what’s more – he knows it!

Every parent wants their child to achieve their potential and be healthy and, what’s more, healthier children are happier children and I think we can all agree that happiness is key to putting a spring in any child’s step – and their parents for that matter.

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