Does your child sleep well?

Sunflower hears from many parents whose children suffer from a lack of sleep and the impact this has not only on their child’s health and behaviour but also on the family as a whole.

Sleep deprivation can be debilitating and the knock-on effects, besides having to cope with them, is that children become inattentive, become poor at decision-making and have decreased memory, all of which can affect academic performance.

Many of the parents that contact us do so because their child is experiencing health, behavioural or learning difficulties. Disrupted sleep – alongside anxiety, stomach complaints and temper tantrums – is one of the most frequent complaints we hear.

Although every case is different, Sunflower finds that the most common causes of disrupted sleep are: anxiety, allergies, a shortage of certain nutrients or a misalignment in the musculoskeletal system – all of which can render the body uncomfortable and the subconscious of brain overly-stressed.

Eight-year-old Ozzy was one such Sunflower child. Ozzy had been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyspraxia – he also suffered from night terrors and night-time ‘growing pains’. Every Sunflower programme is tailored to a child’s needs and works by systematically improving every aspect of health – musculoskeletal, neurological, biochemical and emotional. In Ozzy’s case, his programme majored on osteopathic care, exercises to combat neurological disorganisation and providing him with skills to reduce his anxiety.

On completing the programme, Ozzy’s mother reported that, “His confidence has grown and grown, that his ability to comprehend instructions has improved” and, heart-warmingly, “That he is a happier child who feels better, eats better and… sleeps better!”

If you think your child would benefit from the Sunflower Programme, you can call 01483 531498 or email for more information.


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